Rough thumbnail sketches for final promo images featuring Magenta.

Rough thumbnail sketches for final promo images featuring Magenta.

I think that overall, the layout of the covers gives them a unified feel. But, given the inherently diverse nature of each art style, they do seem somewhat scattered and diverse. That said, however, I chose each art style to fit the different stories. 

The Pit and the Pendulum, for example, is dark with hurts of stark white, aiding the imagery of the story which takes place, predominantly, in the dark.

The Masque of the Red Death, again is dark, yet quite cartoon like, using key images from the story, the masks of the ball, the clock, and of course the visage of death itself. I chose to draw Death the way I did, so as not to paint too vivid a picture for the reader, and to let Poe’s description and their own imagination to do that themselves.

The Fall of the House of Usher, is by far my favourite of the three covers,  the seemingly bloodstained view of the house on the front cover, and of the landscape and the moon on the back cover. Both compared with the stark white spectral quality of Madeleine Usher in the fore ground of the front cover. 

Initially, my final design was going to be in a vintage style, but after reviewing my target market, I decided on something more modern and clean, but keeping some element of the initial vintage quirkiness that would be in keeping with my product.

For the design of my promo images, I took inspiration from the broad blockish shapes and striking images of existing M.A.C promo images to keep with the graphical style of the company